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website related to e-commerce readily available:
its an action and deals realted webpage

Targeted Audience:

All companies who want to sell their product in online

2. E-commerce
it’s a bridge between the customers and vendors.

It will display the list of products from different vendors. Portal will automatically calculate the selling and shipping price of the product and display the comparative prices of the product from different vendors.

We introduce SEO and SEM Technique for the portal. Because of this technique on each new arrival of product the Google will index the product and place it top 10.

Admin Modules very user friendly and customizable for each search and reports.

There is a coin system for users for each purchase it is called Vardollars & Loyalty Discount

Also issuing of Coupon Management System for Regular customers

Freight Rates Management: Import and Export Shipping Prices

RMA Management: Status of Import and export of the product

RFQ Management: Since the product is ranking in top 10 there will be frequent request for quote of the product. And there is a system where the admin can manage the to and fro Customer to admin conversation of the Product.

Hits Management: This system will give you the list of users hitting the site (country,Product page,date and time,ip address hitting the website)

This system will generate a monthly report of overview of products hitting the website. Through which we can analyse the highest and lowest hits of the product.

Newsletter BroadCasting: Sending newsletter to the users database

Report Modules: Discount, Login, RMA, Stock, Registration, Loyalty, Company, Sales, Purchase, Encashment, Product, Vardollar, Product Compare report.

All these reports will be downloadable in the excel sheet for easy management

Targeted Audience:

  • All companies who want to sell their product in online
  • Brokers who between buyers and seller

3. Portal Related to Logistic Tool Management - this created to reduce the paper works in the logistics Management also easy search for any customers and related bills. Reports generation on the required format:

This is a portal for Logistic Admin:

Customer Manager: here needs to be added once, all the customer. This will called in many places. Add, Edit, View and Delete of Customers will be done here.

Bill of Lading: Printing of DO And Managing the related subbills. Easy creating of Bills: entering the first letter of the customer display the whole customer information the do. Already created bills can be reused by entering the billno will duplicate the bill, edit the required fields will reduce the creating bills task.

Printing the DO and exporting in the excel in the required format.

Airway Bill Manager:
Bill Management and printing and export in the excel of Airway bill.

Quotation Manager: this is for sales manager

Creating the sales quotation for the request for quote(request we receive in online from SEO through website also client reference.) depending on the requirement of client each sales quotation will be prepared and be taken printout and will be mailed to the client

Manifest Master AW(Airway Bill):
There will be junk notepad(MANIFEST_COMM_OBKEN100016691.txt this system will automatically separate the data as follows and export in the excel click here>>)

Here we can download CommercialInvoice, CustomsInvoice

Agent Manager, Cost Manager, Leave Management, itinerary Management, Admin Setting, User Manager and their permission Settings, Tokens Management

Targeted Audience:

  • All Logistic Related company

4. Research Institute Product
Our top successful clients on the research institutes are: (Pune) (Bangalore) (Bangalore)

We are offering web development support for Faculty WebPages,
to post journal publications, publications
book, etc.
In the above website each individual pages is editable in admin. Content is managed using content management system.

Highlights and their example:

Scientist / Faculty individual webpage and their profile management:

Faculty will able to edit their own contents, resume and their profile photo as they want and with their own format.

also faculty permitted student group will be able to edit their faculty contents.

E.g.: short profile:

Faculty webpage: On click on profile picture in the header, Photo will be popup.

Faculty Photo Gallery:

Faculty Publications:

Hits Management:
Scientist / Faculty will be able to monitor their webpage traffic by the outside user’s IP,
Country and Flag and their webpage URL

Scientist can post their individual publication journal and publication books.
Web calendar: Auto program to book the conference halls for their seminars.

Photo Gallery:
Each Photos is editable from admin

President Message:
On click on president message, Photo will be popup.
Overview and User Guidance Click Here >>

Targeted Audience:

  • For All research institute

5. Conference Tool Management System with payment gateway – this is for research institute

Targeted Audience:

  • For any research institutes and users who are running any online schools

6. Content Management System – Own customized tool – user friendly

7. Library Management System

8 SEO Search Engine Optimization Service Includes:
Keyword Research
Website Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Url Modrewrite
Image Optimization
Link Building
Site Map for better crawling of websites
Directories hand submission
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