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 Site Map for better crawling of websites

Using the IMN Google Site Map Generator

Links are critically important to webpages, not only for connecting to other, related pages to help end users find the information they want, but in optimizing the pages for SEO. The Find Broken Links, Redirects & Google Sitemap Generator Free Tool allows webmasters and search engine optimizers to check the status of both external links and internal links on an entire website. The resulting report generated by the Google sitemap generator tool will give webmasters and SEOs insight to the link structure of a website, and identify link redirects and errors, all of which help in planning a link optimization strategy. We always offer the downloadable results and the sitemap generator free for everyone.

Get started

To start with the free sitemap generator, type (or paste) the full home page URL of the website you want scanned. Select the number of pages you want to scan (up to 500, up to 1,000, or up to 10,000). Note that the job starts immediately and runs in real time. For larger sites containing numerous pages, the process can take up to 30 minutes to crawl and gather data on 1,000 pages (and longer still for very large sites). You can set the Google sitemap generator tool to send you an email once the crawl is completed and the data report is prepared. The online sitemap generator offers several options and also acts as an XML sitemap generator or an HTML sitemap generator.

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